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Introducing the Air-Motion 3kg Coffee Roaster. 


Making it accessible to anyone through cutting edge technology, ease of use, yet sophisticated in its delivery of quality.

Do you own your own coffee roastery, a coffee shop, a restaurant or you are simply passionate about coffee and want to start roasting your own coffee beans?

Then this machine is for you.

IMG_1615 (1).jpg

Roast Chamber

OCR with Clear View

Water Dousing System

Immediately Stops the Roast Once Target Temperature is Reached

Roast Chamber

Exit Chute

Extraction Ducting

Deposits Treated Air into Atmosphere

Cyclone Motor

And Fan

Blower Fans

Provides Clean Fresh Heated-Air into the Roast Chamber

Work Light

Supporting Vision

Element Bank

Immediate Heat Response Electrical Element Bank

Place cursor on picture to view its features 

Touchscreen Interface

Information & Graphs

in Real-Time

Cooling Tray

Assists with the Rapid Cooling of Beans

Cyclone System

Removes Dust, Smoke & Chaff from the Roast Chamber

Cooling Tray Ducting

Assisting with Rapid Cooling of the Beans in the Cooling Tray

Control Panel

With Operation Control Dials


"Convection roasting taken to the next level with much thought.

I have roasted on it and indeed it is a work of art. 


Seamless and intuitive software enables roasters to work with ease and achieve their desired roast in a matter of minutes."

Nicodemus / Sevenoaks Trading


Touch Screen Interface

Touchscreen interface panel  


Tracking the roast profile with real-time feedback and graphs

Control Panel (Air Motion)

The Roast Chamber

The Air-Motion 3 Roast Chamber has a 3kg roast capacity, with an immediate heat response electrical element bank

The Work Station

Control dials, a work light, bean retainer handle, and a mesh dust extraction, and bean retainer lid

Work Station (Air Motion)
coffee air-roasting Cyclone Extraction System

The Cyclone

The cyclone removes dust, chaff and smoke from the roast chamber, it also provides a water dousing system to immediately stop the roast when target temperatures are reached

The Cyclone (Air Motion)

The Cooling Tray

After roasting, the coffee beans are dropped into a cooling tray, to bring the coffee beans to ambient temperature

Cooling Tray (Air Motion)
Cyclone and Extraction Fan

The Cyclone & Extraction Fan

Removes dust, chaff, smoke and hot air from the roast chamber.  It separates these components, depositing the chaff into the chaff collector, dilutes the smoke and hot air with fresh air, and extracts this treated air out of the extraction ducting.




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3kg Air-Motion Coffee Roaster


The Air-Motion 3 Coffee Roaster, an Electronically Heated Free Air Coffee Roasting Machine with 3kg nominal capacity, consists of 3 (three) major parts, namely;

  1. The Roast Chamber

  2. The Cyclone Extraction System 

  3. The Control Panel

General Details
air-motion coffee roasting machine roast chamber


Air-Motion Coffee Roasting Machine Cyclone Extraction System


Air-Motion coffee roaster Control Panel



The roast chamber consists of a cone shaped stainless steel tube with a perforated base, into which the ‘green’ coffee beans are manually loaded.

Hot air enters at the base, lifting or spouting the beans centrally. As the air dissipates, the beans fall around the periphery and recycle down the roast chamber to the hot air lifting point.


This ensures uniform roasting of the beans, which is controlled by the temperature controller and sensing probes (thermocouples), which is built into the roast chamber.

2nd Roast Chaber


Initial ‘Dust’ coming off the beans, together with ‘Smokey’ air and ‘Chaff’ given off during the roasting process is immediately collected and diluted with excess air from the surrounding area and passed via ducting to the ‘Cyclone’ unit.

The solids are separated from the air in this unit and collected in a removable drum, which can be periodically emptied as required.


The treated air is then discharged to the atmosphere by the cyclone fan.

When the beans have reached their roasted condition ie. the pre-set
temperature and roast profile wanted, the heater is automatically switched off and water is sprayed in a fine mist into the roast chamber immediately reducing heat to the beans and preventing continuous ‘Exothermic’ reaction from taking place.

After being allowed to cool the beans are further deposited into cooling tray, through an exit chute to reach ambient temperature.

2nd Cyclone

3. Touch Screen Interface

The touch screen interface is a human interface touchscreen panel, which logs 5 graphs in real-time, including element and bean temperature, bean Rate-of-Rise, blower speed, and element control as well as recording 1st Crack, development time and percentage of the roast time, and the total time of the roast.

2nd Control Panel
Air-Motion Spec Table.png

Side View

3kg Roaster Layout - Side View.png

Top View

3kg Roaster Layout - Top View.png
  • 3 Phase Roaster: A 380 Volt x 3 phase supply cable, plus neutral of 40 amps per phase capacity.

  • Single Phase Roaster: A 220 Volt x single phase supply cable with a neutral of 60 amps phase capacity.

  • Water point with shut off valve to provide water supply with 20mm connection point.

  • An extraction ducting must be fitted from the cyclone fan to the atmosphere.

  • No gas installation required.

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