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From Coffee Roaster to Building His Own Machine

With the rise of a sophisticated coffee culture on the local scene, South African coffee roasters are breaking new boundaries when it comes to creating blends that warm the pallet and delight the senses. Quality has become the name of the game in the local coffee industry and European variants are no longer the only way to go for a delicious cup of this heavenly brew.

For the Love of Coffee

Air-Motion’s co-founder, developer and roaster, Julian Platt was at the forefront of the country’s growing love of good, rich and honest coffee when he opened his first roastery in Johannesburg some 10 years ago.

During that period he had dedicated himself to the roasting and blending of some of the finest coffee you’ll find and had distributed to restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and corporate offices including his own restaurant and coffee shop looking to serve quality caffeinated drinks to clients, customers and guests alike.

Local is Better

Julian agrees that local roasters are finding a valuable place in South Africa’s expanding coffee industry and says that there are several advantages to supporting local roasters, the most important of which is the issue of freshness as well as innovation.

There is no way coffee that has come from far off shores can compete with the freshness of beans that have been roasted and blended locally, and then delivered directly to your door.

Passion is Key

Passion is another reason to support the local industry. If you buy from a South African roaster you can be sure that you’re buying from someone who has dedicated themselves to developing, blending, testing and experimenting with different beans to create the very best coffee that will rival world standards. If you buy from mass producers of coffee you’re getting a standard variant that doesn’t create the interesting and vibrant taste experience that is produced from the artisan roaster which will have your customers coming back for more.

The Stage was Set

Indeed, Julian could not stop there and he then developed and built his own coffee roaster (the Air-Motion 6 Artisan Coffee Roaster), his creativity and experimenting with his roasting on his Air-Motion 6 Artisan Roaster, pushing boundaries of technology in coffee roasting has enabled him to create a machine that produced blends that suited the needs and pallets of all his clients.

The stage was set and with his passion for coffee he wanted to revolutionize the coffee roasting industry by making the Air-Motion 6 Artisan Coffee Roaster available to anyone that shares the same passion for producing real good coffee.

Turning a Dream into Reality

Working closely with engineers on the fabrication of the roasting machine, an electrical engineer on the brains and control panel, together with Julian’s experience and study of heat transfer during the roasting process, Julian has come up with a machine that is simple yet sophisticated in it’s technology, bringing it into the cutting edge of technologies used in roasting coffee today.

Together with a team, passionate in the coffee industry and the roles each play in the delivery of their products, Air-Motion Artisan Coffee Roasters was born, says Julian.


Julian’s vision, - “To revolutionize the coffee industry with the Air-Motion Artisan Coffee Roaster, making it accessible to anyone through cutting edge technology, ease of use yet sophisticated in its delivery of quality. With an Air-Motion Artisan Coffee Roaster, anyone can do it”…

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