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Is Roasting Coffee an Answer for the Future?

Post COVID-19, the world as we know it is going to be very different and we are now going to have to create our own, ‘New Normal’.

As lockdowns, in the global economy, are being lifted, operations will be far from business as usual.

Due to the nature of the hospitality industry, business owners will face a phased-in re-opening of their businesses. This approach will likely include restricted trade, be it a restriction on operating hours or a limit to 50% occupancy, yet this is far from the normal operations of these businesses.

Additionally, and apart from these restrictions, there is a high probability that customers will limit social gatherings until a sign of a possible vaccine becomes available to all.

So, where does this leave coffee?

There is definitely no less of a desire for coffee, in fact, in my experience, there has been an increase in the desire for coffee and especially the café quality that everyone misses so much.

In my neighbourhood alone, where I’m known as ‘The Coffee Guy’, my phone hasn’t stopped ringing since lockdown had started.

I’ve received offers of “I’ll pay double” to “I’ll swap you for my collection of rare Whiskey” to “I’ll give you my car, I’m so desperate”, yep I bet, but the increasing demand for coffee is evident and online sales are growing exponentially.

“I should have brought home my 3Kg roaster and I would have made a fortune.”

The question is, how does one move forward?

Due to the lockdown and huge losses of turnover during this period, the retail business owner is now going to have to follow a prudent approach to both cash flow and costs in their business.

The business owner is going to have to streamline or possibly downsize his/her operation.

This may result in the business owner having to spend capital on new ideas, but with caution, and without making a costly mistake.

What can one do?

An innovation & optimistic mindset is required, but also investing capital into new equipment that will foster new opportunities may be necessary. Opportunities that will reduce costs, increase revenue, provide better margins and ensure long-term sustainability.

So, is Roasting coffee a good answer?

The restaurant or café owner will agree that coffee is one of the most profitable parts of the business. With the customer now unable to sit and enjoy a good cup of coffee in their favourite establishment, this coffee offering has come to a grinding halt.

If the owner now places himself in a position to be able to produce his own coffee, he can then send those roasted coffee beans direct to his customers.

The café owner would be investing immediately into bigger margins and short-term cost savings with long-term rewards. He now has the opportunity to:

  • Open new markets to his business,

  • Growing his basket and his brand.

  • To provide the out-of-work coffee barista the opportunity to become a coffee roaster.

  • Turn that extra space that used to have ‘bums-in-seats’, into a productive income-generating area.

How can this be done?

We have a solution at Air-Motion Roasters.

Our Artisan coffee roasters, be it a 3Kg, 6Kg or 15Kg machine, providing you with an opportunity to reshape your future.

We offer training and much more, so you can easily be roasting your way to new opportunities in your business.

At this point, one cannot afford not to explore new (possibly great) opportunities that present themselves. We must adapt, we must grow and we must sustain our businesses into the future, in a climate that we will soon refer to as the ‘New Normal’.
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