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About Us

Air-Motion Roasters are the sole manufacturer of Air-Motion Coffee Roasters

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Air-Motion Detailed Intro

Air-Motion has used cutting edge expertise to manufacture coffee
roasting machines using Air-Roasting technology and making it accessible to the
coffee roasting industry.


In addition to the manufacturing of coffee roasters, Air-Motion
offers support to our customers including training, roastery layout assistance, equipment suppliers to green bean sourcing and, last but not least, friendly advice.

Our Story

How It Started​

After roasting coffee in his own coffee roastery since 2011 and receiving accolades for having one of the best coffees around, the passion and love for coffee has set co-founder and owner, Julian Platt, on a mission to revolutionize the coffee roasting industry, making coffee roasting available and accessible to anyone who wants to do it.

Research & Development

Working closely with engineers on the fabrication of the roasting machine, an electrical engineer on the brains and control panel, together with Julian’s experience and study of heat transfer during the roasting process, AIR-MOTION was born, a machine that is simple yet sophisticated in its technology and the design being catapulted into the cutting edge of technologies used in the roasting of coffee today.

For the Love of Coffee


Air-Motion's vision, -  “To revolutionize the coffee roasting industry with the Air-Motion Coffee Roaster, making it accessible to anyone through cutting edge technology, ease of use yet sophisticated in its delivery of quality.


With an Air-Motion Coffee Roaster, anyone can do it”…

Our Story

What We Do

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