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Air-Roasted Coffee Beans Are Growing in Popularity

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

So What is Air-Roasting?

Simply put, the Air-Roasting process involves coffee beans being suspended and roasted on a bed of hot air, opposed to the traditional method of roasting beans in a drum, which in today’s era, utilizes a gas burner.

The Future is Here

We have finally reached 2020, well beyond the unsuccessful “end of the world” 2012 conspiracy and even past the milestone of the well-known “Back to the Future” film which was based on the year 2016.

We may not have hover boards as yet, however, one thing is for sure, people of today’s times, Millennial's in particular, have an incredible ability to gain knowledge and information faster, easier and more practically than ever before. It is commonly known that the internet, together with smart devices, has been the major influence in this evolution, commonly known as the “Information Age”.

Since there is such an enormous amount of information available, at the touch of a button, people of the 21st century have become addicted to the idea of experiencing something new which will stimulate their minds and create excitement, beyond what they already understand. This is also true for innovation, experienced in all industries, and the coffee roasting industry, is most certainly, not exempt.

Delivering Results

The Air-Roasting method is a fairly new way of roasting green coffee beans, mostly sidelined by traditional roasters who are not wanting to let go of heritage (and understandably so, because no human particularly adapts well to change), however, Air-Roasting has produced consistent results, time and time again, which is now beginning to shift the minds of many experts in the coffee roasting industry.

There are many benefits of Air-Roasting, which we will leave for another blog, but the fact is that experts in the industry are beginning to experiment this new method of roasting coffee beans, not only because it is something new and exciting, but also because it is producing unbelievable results and from many experts perspectives, even better results than that of traditional drum roasting.

In Conclusion

The age-old method of drum roasting has been around since the very beginning. This method works, and works well, so modern roasters will forever continue to use the drum roasting method to please their customers across the globe, however, there are some differences between drum roasting and Air-Roasting Coffee Beans which are beginning to catch the attention of the modern roaster and in some cases, adjusting their preferences, once they taste the results in a delicious cup of coffee, made with Air-Roasted Coffee Beans.

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