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Why is the Thought of Roasting Coffee so Attractive?

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Think of two people sitting at a sidewalk café, sharing conversation while sipping on a good cup of coffee, it’s just, So Sexy!

Think of fresh brewed coffee as an accompaniment to a fresh-baked French croissant, the ending to a meal, enjoying it on its own or the bringing of people together to enjoy a cuppa, the aromas, the flavours and the pure magic this amazing beverage has to offer, is undeniable!

Its a Growing Industry

More than 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily around the world, and this number is growing as coffee becomes more popular, which evidently makes this a booming business.

Besides this, one of the big attractions to roasting coffee must be how natural and unprocessed the roasting of coffee beans are. Simply add heat, at the correct rate and time, and around twelve minutes later – ‘Wola’, it’s done. No artificial colours, flavours or additives added, just pure and natural coffee.

Passion for the Art

For us, the other attraction of roasting coffee is the blending of art and science. Although one can get caught up in the science of roasting coffee, and yes it is a science, as the roasting process relies on chemical changes happening in the coffee bean at a particular time, when an amount of heat is added to the bean, the ‘techno geek’ in us comes out wanting to apply the correct heat at the right time, we tend to rely on data logging software’s, the profiling of one’s roasts to the fully automated roasting machines.

But for us, it is more than this, it’s also about the art, the ‘becoming in tune’ with your coffee beans, from green bean selection, the many origins, varieties and varietals, you get, to how you treat these beans in the roasting process, to going on that roasting journey with your beans, to finishing up, by creating magical blends that no one else is doing, you are creating something different, something unique and something truly amazing, a masterpiece, that sets you apart.

It is this knowing, the creating, your intuition, your passion, love and care, that can’t be learnt in a textbook, this then becomes a reflection of you in every roasted coffee bean you create, topped with positive feedback you get for your efforts, by your customers, that makes you feel so good.

Artisan Coffee is the Way To Go

The coffee industry is indeed competitive, but with the so called “third wave” coffee culture, and the growing desire of the more discerning coffee drinker for specialty coffees, and not the mass produced and over-roasted coffee that used to be the norm, there is definitely a growing demand for the ‘passionate’ the ‘love for the craft’ and the ‘unique’ artisan coffee roaster, today.

The coffee industry has also changed since we got into it some ten years ago, very closed and secretive, belonging to the giant commercial roasters, but things have changed, it has become an industry recognizing the ‘artisans’ and ‘micro roasters’, it has become supportive with collaborations and the sharing of knowledge, it has become an industry that is rewarding both personally and financially, making it all worthwhile.

The Roasting Business is Accessible to You

If this is a passion you would like to explore and maybe even pursue, you can make it happen! Our new roasting technology, together with specialized support, make this venture a real opportunity for the aspiring entrepreneur.

Contact us at and let’s make it happen together.

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